When you were a kid, don’t you hate it when some of your more mischievous friends tap you at the back, but you reacted too slowly to know who was the one who actually touched your shoulder, and was it with a pen or a finger? Well, technology has certainly advanced at a rapid pace over the years, with a touch panel display being quicker than you as it is capable of identifying who was the one who touched it. This prototype touch panel is smart enough to specify a person touching it, and was recently demonstrated at the 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference in Tokyo. Video games had a say in this touch panel as it was developed for arcade table games originally, with the prototype remaining embedded within the top surface of a table game machine. It also comes with a capacitive touch panel that relies on Gunze’s transparent conductive printed film.

What makes it different from other traditional touch panels would be the way you input information – you cannot do so by just touching it with a finger, but rather, you as the user will need to touch one of the four electrodes that are located around the touch panel, and use another hand to input the relevant information. Perfect for game machines that requires an intelligent program to know who placed a bet on what, no?

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