We all know just how integral touchscreen displays have become to our everyday lives, as the smartphone in your hand and tablet in your backpack both come with a touchscreen display, not to mention the very high possibility of your notebook, too, sporting such a feature. Well, Fujitsu Laboratories has peered into the future, which is why they worked on a next generation user interface which is capable of detecting the user’s finger accurately in addition to knowing just what it is touching, resulting in an interactive touchscreen-like system that you can see in the video above, all the while making use of objects in the real word.

I know that a picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine the number of words that can be packed into a single video. Fujitsu’s idea is not to live in a paper-less society, but rather, manipulate paper and other objects simply by touching them just like you would a touchscreen. This system does not require any kind of special hardware; where all it needs is a webcam and a commercial projector, with its inherent capabilities being made possible thanks to image processing technology. Imagine importing data from a document by selecting the relevant parts with your finger, now how about that?

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