Google’s Director of Global Communications & Public Affairs for Latin America, Alberto Arebalos, shared with journalists in a meeting that both Chile and Peru will be on the receiving end of a localized YouTube portal, where they will launch with just a week or two between them over the next couple of months. No idea on which country will be getting a localized version of YouTube first, but definitely Latin America is not the first continent where Google’s YouTube video site has taken this route. Other national landing pages such as Uganda, Kenya and the Philippines already received their own versions in the second half of last year. Eventually, YouTube might just end up with local versions in approximately 40 countries. You might wonder, will the content be censored or filtered? One thing’s for sure – the URL itself will be different, and for Peru and Chile, YouTube is accessible via “” and”, while searching for local content is easier. Advanced users can take advantage of localized content better by monitoring trends, too.


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