Android Store ChinaIf you ever set foot in an Android store, the last thing you’ll probably expect to see on sale would be the iPhone – unless you’re in China. A blogger in China recently spotted an unsanctioned Android store in Zuhai city, Guangdong province – and while it features a pretty authentic looking logo with some text that translates to “celebrities smartphone experience store”, we’re pretty sure it’s far from it. What’s surprising about the store is that Android devices aren’t the only thing being sold there – also on display are iPhones, iPads and computers.

Looks like it could be an opening for a lawsuit against the store; then again Apple might be pretty pleased at the idea of its devices being sold by an Android store. The concept of an Android store has been done before (Androidland) however, it was officially sanctioned by Google and there are no Apple products to be found. Read up more about the Chinese Android store here.

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