Apple logoApple was recently sued over the usage of the name “iPad” in China, and now it looks like the company is seeking retribution elsewhere by filing a complaint against another company. This time the recipient of the lawsuit is a company named EBox Digital Technology Product for using the name “EPAD” for its products. And if the first thing that came to mind were knock-off tablets, I wouldn’t blame you but in this case, name is currently being used for laptop luggage cases sold by the company.

EBox Digital Technology Product applied for the trademark back in 2010 and has no plans to use it for any electronic devices, so there’s no telling how this lawsuit is going to go, but according to EBox’s spokeswoman, “The iPad trademark is not Apple’s, so now they want to take ours. Apple has been a bully.” A pretty trite complaint if you ask me, but nevertheless we can’t blame Apple for doing all in its power to protect its product names.

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