If you’ve got an iPad and an iPhone lying around, and you want to turn them into a Ukulele, you’re in luck because the folks at Amidio have come up with an answer. Called the Futulele, it is an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS. While it works as a standalone app for your iPad, its unique guitar-shaped case is what sets it apart from other apps out there. The case lets you use your iPad as the body of the instrument for strumming, while you place the iPhone on the top for it to function as the neck. This way, users can press chords on the iPhone and strum on the iPad without feeling cramped or like they’re too close together.

Up to 12 chords can be used per song, and cord sets can also be changed on the fly. Using app OMGuitar, effects can be added as well as recordings can be made. However, Amidio is now looking for manufacturers who are willing to produce Futulele cases (preferably with embedded speakers) so there’s no telling when we’ll see it on sale, or how much it will cost in the future. But check out the video demonstration above to see how it works.

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