How badly do you want an ultrabook? Maybe you’ve always wanted one but you can’t afford it, or maybe you feel that it might not be powerful enough for your needs – either way it looks like Intel is hoping to put an end to your excuses for not getting an ultrabook by giving them away, albeit not in the conventional manner. It seems that Intel has been conducting a social experiment of sorts by placing ultrabooks in glass cases stationed throughout various countries.

In each glass case is an ultrabook on a rotating stand, with a label and a hammer that basically invites anyone to break the glass and walk away with a free ultrabook, although given the reactions of those who walked by, it was hard to tell if it was for real or if it was a prank. It’s a pretty interesting social experiment and there was even an instance where the case was put in the middle of an airport with one daring lady brave enough to break it and claim the ultrabook for herself! So, how many of you guys would actually be brave or daring enough to do that? [The Ultrabook Temptations @ Intel]

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