iPad 3 launchWhen the iPad 3 event invitation was sent out, everybody focused on the “We have something you really have to see.” line but what about the two words that come after that – “And touch.”? Could it be more than just a reference to the iPad’s touchscreen? According to reports online – it could be. The folks over at The Next Web and The Guardian were pretty interested in this “touch” tagline and did some digging and it turns out there’s a chance the iPad 3 could be Senseg’s E-Sense technology which lets you feel virtual textures on a touchscreen.

When Senseg’s technical marketing manager was questioned about its involvement with the iPad, here’s what the company replied: “That would be for Apple to say. My comment is no comment.” While it’s definitely no basis to form a conclusion with, it certainly is an interesting idea that could put the iPad further ahead of the tablet game. Then again, we could all be reading into this too much and the “touch” in the invitation might be referring to just some new, advanced gestures that will be introduced with the new iPad. What do you think? Hit the source link for a more detailed report.

The iPad 3 announcement commences in a few hours – it won’t be too long before we find out more about this tablet. Stay tuned.

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