Yes, we first took a gander at JVC’s announcement of their new Everio Wi-Fi camcorders at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, and it has taken slightly more than two months for the Japanese consumer electronics company to announce that they will be shipping these Wi-Fi camcorders. Some of the more outstanding features of the new camcorders include the ability for you to email video clips as well as still images without having to first transfer them over to a computer, and this can also be done to a smartphone sans wires. Apart from that, you are able to perform live monitoring on a smartphone or computer, and use a smartphone alongside a custom piece of software to control the Wi-Fi camcorder remotely. Are you looking forward to more wireless goodness around your home? Definitely a novel idea, but it remains to be seen whether Wi-Fi camcorders are a “must have” in the industry, or just something nice to be thrown into the mix. I suspect it is the latter, and sales figures as well as future industry trends will tell.

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