Logitech has just launched the Logitech BH320 USB Stereo earbuds, a “business-grade” headset that comes with 5-band parametric equalization and active echo cancellation, along with a volume control unit that is conveniently placed at the neck level. It is also certified for Microsoft Lync, which is a big deal because it targets professionals.

Despite the technical aspects, Logitech has chosen to launch this with humor: their ad campaign is entitled “Logitech ends bad hair at the office”, and makes fun of the bad hair often induced by over-the-head solutions often found in offices and call centers worldwide.

Because of their design, the BH320 earbuds are fundamentally lighter than their headset counterparts, and the only question that you have to ask is: are they comfortable after hours of use? Honestly we don’t know because we haven’t tried it, but if you do, please drop a comment below. Did we mention that despite being a USB device, no drivers are required?

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