Just how tough is the newest kid on the tablet block? Yes, we are talking about the new iPad, a device which amazingly moved 3 million units in just four days of sales, a figure that required its grandfather (the original iPad) more than two months to achieve. I guess this is a record that is worth savoring, and would it be worth hoping that the next generation iPad to come after the new iPad be able to break this record? Time will tell, but let us take a closer look at just how tough the new iPad is. We have already seen it in action in an iPad 2 vs new iPad video, and Wicked Laser has lined up a hard time for Apple’s latest tablet. Having unleashed its Spyder III Krypton, Arctic and Тorch series on the tablet, you need not be a genius to know that this iPad will eventually end up in a scrap heap. It does make me wonder just how much of a novelty such exercises are, but there is also pain knowing that a perfectly good iPad (and a new one at that, too) has been tortured for our ‘entertainment’. Check out the video after the jump for further information.

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