[CeBIT 2012] During our tour of CeBIT, we have spotted the PaceBlade PM 240 (thanks to a tip from Wayne Rash), and this is a rather unconventional 12” tablet as it features Windows 8 and an Intel core i7 (vPro). While most tablets focus on mobility, the PaceBlade PM240 puts an emphasis on processing power and device connectivity. It is equipped with Intel’s Core i7, and comes with a full array of ports, including Ethernet, 2XUSB, HDMI, Audio in/out, and a docking port (+dock obviously).

Users can also choose between using their fingers with the Windows 8 user interface, or use a Wacom stylus. The latter is particularly interesting for professional illustrators who absolutely need to run on “desktop” software packages. Finally, one very interesting point is the dual-battery setup: often found in professional tablets, this allows a seamless battery swapping that does not induce any downtime. Usually this is critical in medical application, but let’s face it: nobody likes to shut down their computer.

Of course, all these features makes this “tablet” look more like a laptop with an embedded display, which is exactly what it is. So, we think that customers will mostly be professionals who need to run existing apps, or Windows 8 developers who want a “tablet” form-factor and a powerful CPU at the same time.

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