We know that many of you out there absolutely love your smartphones, but I suppose the Japanese have elevated the art of loving smartphones to an entirely new level. It seems that Panasonic has managed to merge two devices together – a smartphone and a rice cooker, calling it the world’s first smartphone integrated rice cooker. Known as the Panasonic SR-SX2 Series IH Jar Rice Cooker, it will come with a range of fancy features that are standard on high-end rice cookers, including “200℃ Steaming,” “Great Thermal Dancing Boil” and “Diamond Furnace”, which ought to make your rice taste far better than anything you have tasted before.

Apart from that, it will also be able to let you dock a Felica-supported Android-powered phone, unleashing the true power of the SR-SX2. Of course, you will first need to download a special application beforehand, where you are then able to get your SR-SX2 going on different settings with but a simple touch on your smartphone’s display. Apart from that, the handset can connect to Panasonic’s recipe-sharing cloud server, downloading cooking instructions simultaneously for reference.

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