Are robots able to be programmed in such a manner that they appreciate the intricacies of artistic values? Perhaps in the near future, but with this particular robot barber, it is actually a Multi-Arm Unmanned Ground Vehicle from Intelligent Automation that sports a trio of arms, an equal number of cameras, and 29 degrees of freedom that are able to enable the person controlling the robot to shave a human head. Nice to know that there is a human behind the haircut, so you can always blame someone with emotions after that when things go awry, but hopefully the end result will be otherwise. Right now, this robot is being used to shave the noggins of folks in order to raise funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation that is a foundation that is searching for that elusive cancer cure. For a smooth and bald head, the experienced hands of a barber might do a better job, do you think so?

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