We know for a fact that many sharks are needlessly killed each year for their fins, not to mention out of sheer terror because of the movie “Jaws” that was released all those years ago, making some of us develop a phobia of going down into the water. Well, apart from sharks, I suppose another potential underwater lifeform you might want to take note of would be jellyfish – and getting stung by them is no laughing matter. I do not mind if more of the Robojelly robotic jellyfish were to enter the waters though. The Robojelly is made out of a mass of carbon nanotubes and smart materials, allowing them to swim using their own power, complete with a ‘pulsing’ movement which resembles the real deal. Even more interesting is this – the Robojelly will never run out of juice. It’s purpose is not meant to harm us, but in theory, it was specially designed to assist in underwater rescue missions. Check the video in the full post, and if you want to know more, check the Hydrogen-fuel-powered bell segments of biomimetic jellyfish paper by Yonas Tadesse assistant professor of mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas, and his team.

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