Owning a pet dog is definitely fulfilling, as man’s best friend knows how to accompany you whenever you feel down and the whole world is collapsing around you, offering a tummy rub to brighten up your day. However, there are those of us who hate cleaning up after our pets, which is why a robotic dog like the discontinued Sony Aibo makes for an alternative choice. The Aibo came in a shiny package, and definitely lacked the fur that a real dog has, but all of that might change in the future with the introduction of what is known as ‘smart fur’. A robotic bunny developed at the University of British Columbia has this ‘smart fur’ on the outside, where it is said to be able to mediate its users’ emotions, calming them down or cheering them up by letting users go through deep-breathing exercises. Not only that, the robo-bunny even comes with a pulse, and is able to stiffen or relax its ears. Something tells me that if this technology is perfected, George Lucas might just come up with an interactive Chewbacca toy that boasts ‘smart fur’ all over.

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