Some researchers over at the University of Utah have come up with a new type of video game controller that makes use of thumbsticks that are called “tactors”. Instead of having the whole controller vibrate – like we currently have now, these tactors provide a new sensation when you’re playing a game. They move independently from the regular joysticks and are said to provide a feeling similar to “what you get if you place your finger down on a table top and drag it across.”

The tactors can move in different directions, which can help enhance gameplay – i.e. it can help users locate where the action is without having to even look at the screen, or for dropping subtle clues or hints to what’s going to happen without the use of audio of visuals. There’s no telling when these tactors will make their way onto consumer controllers, but it is currently in prototyping stage now, with its creators thinking of ways to make them work alongside vibration and sound. Check out the video demonstration above.

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