I know that most of the Apple fanboys who own an iPhone 4S would definitely want to whip it out at any opportunity possible, letting the world know that they have the latest (and best smartphone yet) from Cupertino. Here is a different kind of accessory for your iPhone that might just change the way you look at things – I am talking about the Tomko Transceiver for iPhone. Some might call it a gimmick, while others say that it is awesome. I would say it is the perfect tool to roll back the years, back when you were a kid and had a treehouse all to your own in the backyard. Secret codes were exchanged between you and your siblings, and with the Tomko Transceiver, you can act like some sort of authoritarian figure.

With Siri’s assistance, the Tomko Transceiver’s silent button offers a far more mellow phone conversation, where all you need to do is press the multi-function at the top of the transceiver whenever there is an incoming call and you are good to go. To use Siri, just keep the button pressed down, and speak forth your command. If you want to speak while muting the other person, just do so by pressing the side button like an actual radio. It retails for approximately $31 after conversion.

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