Message in a bottle USBWe’ve seen a fair share of interesting thumbdrives, and this cute little USB drive from Hum design studio takes the cake when it comes to unique. Giving the phrase “message in a bottle” a whole new meaning, this USB drive features a small bottle that is closed off by a cork, which has a USB plug. When not in use, the bottle keeps the drive safe just by simply plugging the cork in. It’s not advisable to throw it into the sea to send out an SOS or a letter to shore but in the event that you do, it could probably survive for awhile.

The message in a bottle USB drive doesn’t seem to be available outside of Japan, but it has a capacity of 2GB and will set you back about $43. But if you’re not willing to pay a premium for this drive, I guess it’s something that wouldn’t be too hard to make by yourself.

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