Whenever we lay our eyes on an ordinary USB recharging cable, chances are we would not even give it a second glance. However, if you are the flashy type who loves to stand out of the crowd, you might want to consider what Xenon has in store for you with their very own version of a USB recharging cable. This is one futuristic charging cable that will light up when plugged into a powered USB port, and the lights are there not only for cosmetic purposes, but will also be able to provide an indication as to how fast your device is juicing itself up, depending on the speed of the light pulses that flow along the cable. You will also know when your plugged in device is filled to the brim with battery, as the light will turn off automatically. Definitely worth charging this up at night for a free light show, I say. Enjoy the video of the Xenon USB recharging cable in action right after the jump.


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