ZyngaWhile Facebook has helped propel Zynga to one of the world’s leading provider of social game services, it looks like the company is going to break free with a platform of its own. Called Zynga Platform, it is designed to give users new ways to play their games and more people to play with (though I’m not sure how Zynga can get more people who aren’t already on Facebook). In addition to letting users play Zynga games, the Zynga Platform will also be hosting games from other developers.


However, this doesn’t mean that Zynga will be leaving Facebook behind anytime soon. Facebook ID logins will still be supported – the difference being that users can now play Zynga games with non-Facebook users. Zynga Platform will launch with zFriends (a feature which lets users connect with people beyond their own Facebook friends), more games, Zynga’s own social stream, a player profile and live chat.

The Zynga Platform is expected to launch later this month in 16 languages at Zynga.com. If you’re a fan of Zynga games and looking for more players to play with or new games from the company, it’s going to be something you want to check out. Stay tuned.

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