BlackBerry Messenger on Android has been caught in the past under the guise of leaked images, but apart from that, nothing really concrete came out of the entire exercise. Here we are with a newer batch of leaked images for BlackBerry Messenger on Android, and it does seem highly likely that this particular bit of software is ready for a 2012 launch – at long last. TechnoBuffalo’s photo from an unnamed source seems to pinpoint BBM running on a Froyo or older device, and there is also the possibility that this could be a fake, or at least running on a developer’s device.

For starters, the device in the photo remains covered and cropped, so it might not even be part of the hardware in markets at the moment, and virtual navigation buttons can be seen at the bottom of the screen, which is very different from what most retail Android devices have. Could it be a Photoshop job, or if one were to come under the pretense that the screen is real, is this mystery device a sort of developer mule that was specially developed just for testing?

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