Baby seats, air bags, and safer vehicle design has come a long way in ensuring that your new bundle of joy remains safe and sound in the event of an accident. Well, the Carkoon that was the brainchild of British engineers has been announced, where this car seat for babies (it holds only one) will cocoon its precious cargo in a protective shell just in case of an accident. Not only that, the rear-facing Carkoon was also built to be fireproof, offering the child a better chance of survival with up to 20 minutes of air, making sure the blaze does not burn through that particular time window.


In order to make life easier, the Carkoon is also a snap to release in the event of an accident, or even during a standard trip outside. You can swivel the seat around to face the door, making it a snap to unbuckle your child and lift him or her out. It is tipped that the Carkoon will retail for approximately £499 from as early as 2013 onwards, although the relatively high price point compared to other child seats might just result in slower sales figures.

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