Normally, when one talks about a device that is used to spy on enemy territory, we would be looking at something which is extremely covert – so much so that it blends in with the rest of the environment. It does not really make sense then to hear about a giant spy blimp – surely something this large is able to attract the attention of just about anyone and everyone? Well, here is the story – one and a half years ago, the Pentagon’s chief ordered the Air Force to start building a king-sized blimp whose main purpose is to spy on entire Afghan villages simultaneously. This blimp is nearly ready to take to the skies, but it seems that the Air Force now has second thoughts about deployment. This bad boy is called the Blue Devil Block 2, where it measures 370 feet long and 1.4 million cubic feet fat, making it one of the country’s largest blimps ever built since World War II, where it is capable remaining in the sky for days at a time, and is capable of keeping tabs on a minimum of four square kilometers at once. This eye in the sky sounds impressive, but will it get shot down all too easily?

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