The pickup truck is definitely an American icon, but since all good things always come to an end, General Motors (GM) has just announced that they will soon do away with the Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck. Since introducing the short-bed, five-seat trucks slightly more than 10 years ago and selling 580,000 of them, this hybrid of an SUV and pickup truck did not really do as well as GM predicted, with sales peaking at a wee bit more than 93,000 in 2003, but ended up spiralling downwards after that because the consumer decided to place their money on full-size “crew cab” pickups instead.

The Chevrolet Avalanche will be sold throughout the summer of 2013, and I do not think it will be missed by those who work at GM. After all, the full-size light-duty Chevy Silverado crew cab that was introduced in 2004 is a far bigger hit, having sold a whopping 415,000 units in 2011 alone. Since it is on its last legs, it would be interesting to see whether those searching for a new pickup truck might want to fancy their chances with a Chevrolet Avalanche.

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