Alarm Clock applications are not only found in smartphones but also available in many variants in application stores. Now however, there is a new one with a twist that guarantees awakening for users. The Goob Alarm Clock that can be found in the Google Play Store (it’s deceptively named ‘Alarm Clock, wake up guaranteed’ in Google Play Store) features an original concept whereby the deactivation of the alarm is determined by the distance that separates you from your Wi-Fi router.

The fully customizable app offers options to get users out of bed however they want even with the option of disabling the ‘snooze’ and ‘dismiss’ buttons. Users will be able to set the alarm at distances (ranging from 0 – 100). For example, if your wireless router is 26 units of space away from where you sleep, when you wake up you literally have to pick up your phone, walk drowsily to your router and once you reach the 0 distance that you yourself set prior to going to sleep, only then will you be able to deactivate your alarm.

On the other hand, if your bed is right next to the router, you can set a distance away from the router that you have to walk in order to deactivate it. If you want the application that will probably drive you nuts every morning but still will wake you up, click on this link to the Google Play Store to get it.

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