Google has certainly come very far as a company compared to its early days, and while their bread and butter is still the Internet search engine, this does not mean that they have remained entrenched in just that. No sir, as you can tell by the image above, that Google has big plans for the future with the Google Project Glass, a heads-up display that has already undergone public testing. ProjectGlass is basically an augmented reality system which will enable users to enjoy the entire range of activities that can be done via a smartphone device, save for the fact that you do not need any smartphone to pull it off this time around. Wearing this high-tech looking prosthetic gets the job, where right on top of your field of vision, you will be able to check out icons, alerts, directional arrows, in addition to numerous other visual cues which will inform, warn, or beg a response from you. You can check out a concept video of Project Glass after the jump to satisfy your curiosity.

Right now, Project Glass remains a concept and is still far from being anywhere near a finished product. Google might have taken it out for a spin, but it is nowhere near a public beta at press time. I wonder whether I will see this innovative concept come to fruition in my lifetime…

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