Honda becomes the first company to successfully build the world’s first traffic congestion detector. Essentially, the technology, definitely a first of its kind, determines a person’s driving pattern and the likelihood to cause a traffic jam. Sounds pretty cool huh?

Instead of giving out information that will enable drivers to avoid traffic, Honda’s technology allows the system to monitor the acceleration and deceleration patterns of a vehicle, thus, recording the driving pattern of a driver and in the process, determining whether or not that pattern can cause traffic congestion.

Inside the car, information is shown via a color-coded display on an on-board terminal. The display will encourage drivers to drive smoothly while minimizing the intensity of a vehicle’s acceleration and deceleration. The main goal will be to minimize and prevent traffic congestion within a specific area.

Honda has already conducted experimental testing on the system. The initial tests showed that the system was able to improve the average speed and fuel efficiency of cars. Honda is hoping to launch the technology into the market one of these days. We’re also hearing that Honda will start its first public-road testing sometime in May and July, probably in Italy or Indonesia.

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