Back in the 1980s, the IBM PC proved to be a powerhouse in bedrooms across the world, running on Microsoft’s DOS operating system. Well, the company has seen some lean times over the years, but they are far from finished. The latest that we hear about IBM would be their work on what could very well be the most powerful computer ever constructed. The main purpose? Not to achieve world peace, but to figure out the origins of the universe. Yes, everything in this earth has a beginning and an end, so it makes sense to try to find out just how the universe started. This new supercomputer by IBM will be able to process more than an ‘exabyte’ of data each day, which is more than the whole Internet combined, and just to get another comparison viewpoint, it is enough to fill 15 million 64GB iPods to the brim each day, how about that?

This IBM supercomputer will be connected to a huge radio telescope that was specially constructed in an attempt to view the start of the universe which some quarters claim started from 13 billion years ago, although creationists beg to differ. It would be interesting to see just what kind of cooling mechanism and energy are required to keep this particular supercomputer up and running.

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