“Have it your way” – or so the Burger King slogan goes, making sure that you are subtly reminded that the captain of your ship is none other than yourself, and the whole world should kowtow to you, or at least, the front line of each Burger King franchise as you rattle out your very own custom burger preferences. Well, for those of us who cannot live without Google Docs even for a single day, here is an interesting app that allows you to access Google’s cloud suite of software outside of its native interface. The IDrive Online Backup is free, where it allows you to take advantage of the power of Google Docs in a manner that is not too far off from that of Dropbox. Speaking of Dropbox, have you made any referrals to obtain the free 500MB of storage space already? But I digress, the IDrive Online Backup offers drag-and-drop capabilities for easy upload, conversion for popular document types to the Google Docs format as well as direct file sharing within the Connect interface. You will also benefit from up to 5GB of backup/storage space for free! Well, what are you waiting for?


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