Many compare Google Docs to Microsoft Word and it is understandable as both are word processors that share many similar features. However, if there is one feature that Docs misses out on it is the ability to put text directly on top of images, meaning that if you wanted to create an image header with the title on top of it, you couldn’t, at least until now.

Google has announced an update to Docs where users can now add text on top of images as well as import documents that use this feature. This means that if someone sent you a document with that kind of layout, Docs will not screw up the formatting and will instead support it and let you view it as it is.

According to Google, “You can now position an image in front of or behind text in Google Docs. Additionally, this formatting will be preserved when importing or exporting documents from Microsoft Word. We hope this feature helps you better customize your documents and share them with confidence, no matter the application you use.”

We’re not sure why it took Google this long to introduce what many are calling a basic feature, but you know what, for a free-to-use software that’s almost as good as Word, we suppose we can’t really complain.

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