iHome has been known for putting out products for iOS products, but it looks like they have decided to show Android devices some love by launching the iC50, the iC3 and the iC16.

Starting with the iC50, it has been dubbed the Space Saver FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio for Android Smartphones. It will connect to your Android device via a sliding micro USB connector that will take into account the various positioning of the micro USB port and the different sizes of Android devices. Not only will it charge your phone but the iC50 will also double up as a stereo alarm clock and a built-in FM tuner and will be compatible with the iHome Sleep app.

Next up is the iC3 which doubles as a stand and stereo speaker for your Android device. Similar to the iC50, the iC3 will feature a sliding micro USB connector and thanks to its larger design, the iC3 should be able to handle Android tablets as well. It can be powered by either AC adapter or by 4 AA batteries. Last but not least is the iC16 which is a reportedly more portable version of the iC50. It will feature an alarm clock, stereo speakers along with a USB port that lets you charge an additional device. The iC16 is expected to be made available in the summer for $59.99.

Oddly enough the iHome website does not list the iC50 or the iC16, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on either product, head on over to Amazon where they appear to be $10 cheaper than it’s original retail price. [iC50 / iC16]

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