We’ve already conducted a benchmark test on Intel’s Medfield processor in early January this year. So far, based on the AnTuTu (system benchmark) and SunSpider (Javascript execution) tests, the  processor’s overall performance was quite good, compared to other devices including the Galaxy Nexus LTE and the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

Since we’ve already tested the chip, we’ve been dying to test it working on an actual device such as the Lovo Xolo X900 – an exotic-looking smartphone that was recently launched in India. The folks over at AnandTech conducted their own benchmarks and boy, the result confirms our initial tests.

In spite of it being a single-core with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2460 processor, the Xolo X900 appears to be a strong competitor to other dual-core smartphones available in the market today. The benchmarks measured the X900’s browsing performance, flash rendering speed, GPU performance and battery life.

At this point, it’s important to note that the Sunspider Javascript performance test doesn’t in any way represent web browsing experience, since a Javascript is only used to execute scripts within a webpage. But overall, Intel’s Medfield is performing quite well on the Xolo X900, even beating the HTC One X. In the BrowserMark and Linpack benchmarks, the Xolo 900 trailed in second place following the HTC One X and S.

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