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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Benchmarks: Looking GreatEditor's Pick
We had the opportunity to get our hands on a Snapdragon 865 development phone (MDP), and of course, we ran benchmarks.

The Uber IQ Camera BenchmarkEditor's Pick
A modern Camera Benchmark for real-world situations, with clear and understandable sub-scores so users can evaluate how a camera can serve their personal usage model.

Huawei Opens Up Performance Mode To All Users After Benchmark Fiasco
Huawei was hit with allegations of cheating on benchmark tests yet again earlier this week and the company has now responded to the fiasco by promising to make the “performance mode” accessible to all users. Huawei’s decision comes after it held “comprehensive discussions” on benchmarking practices with the creators of 3DMark.

Are Benchmarks a Big Deal? Should You Care?
In most, if not all phones/computer reviews, there’s almost always a “benchmark moment”. Most publications do it, and we do it as well because benchmark provides interesting information about the product you may end up buying. At the same time, it’s good to know what they mean and how to think of them if you want to make the best of out your budget.


Benchmarks Suggest New Samsung Tab Series
Samsung certainly has its fair share of tablets in the past, and the South Korean conglomerate does not look as though they are going to stop rolling out tablets anytime soon. In fact, it looks like new additions to the Tab S series have appeared on Geekbench and GFXBench, which could suggest an unveiling at Mobile World Congress which is happening later this month, and if that happens, then they […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Specs and Benchmarks
As the mobile world has quickly filled up with devices using the Snapdragon 801 chip, device manufacturers are now busy building the next-generation handsets and tablets around the Snapdragon 805 chip. The name doesn’t provide a real good hint, but Snapdragon 805 (MSM8084 internal codename) is a much larger jump.You may remember that Snapdragon 801 was a “performance kicker”, or an optimized version of the Snapdragon 800 processor. As such, […]

Nokia X Android Handset Benchmark Spotted
The nearly mythical Nokia X may be so close to release that Benchmark numbers are starting to appear online. The handset is also known as Nokia Normandy and under the codename Nokia RM-980. Typically, benchmark start appearing online when the device’s software is pretty much done, and optimizations are somewhat in place. Company employees are usually careful not to leak any names, but if the Benchmark numbers start to appear […]

Tegra K1 Benchmarks On Lenovo Device Wow Observers
The tom’s Hardware team had their hands on a Lenovo ThinkVision 28 which is an Android display powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chip (aka Tegra 5), and ran some benchmarks on it. We posted a short teaser earlier, but here are the charts, courtesy of tom’s hardware, followed by my comments:

Apple's Phil Schiller Takes A Jab At Samsung For Note 3 Benchmark 'Shenanigans'
SVP of worldwide marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller, takes a jab at Samsung through Twitter today. He sent out a tweet linking to an article which delves into alleged benchmarking adjustments made by Samsung in its latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. Various adjustments have allegedly been made in the Note 3 so as to boost its benchmarking scores. Schiller’s tweet, which contains the link to the article, says just one […]

Galaxy Note 3 Benchmarks Allegedly Leaked
We’re less than a day away from Samsung’s event where it will unveil the Galaxy Note 3 as well as its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Rumors about this new phablet have consistently tricked in over the past few weeks and they continue to do so. The ever reliable @evleaks has posted screenshots of alleged AnTuTu benchmark test results of the Galaxy Note 3, and boy does it pack a mean punch.The […]

LG G2 Benchmarks: The Raw Numbers
LG G2 Benchmarks | we have run numbers with Antutu 3.3, Geekbench 2, GLBenchmark 2.5 and BaseMark X to see how fast the LG G2 really is: the results are here.

Galaxy S4 Benchmark “Optimization” Drama Hits Samsung
There’s a new wave of drama hitting the Samsung Galaxy S4 today. After running some tests tech site Anandtech has noticed that Samsung was allowing at least a version of the S4 to run its graphics processor (GPU) at higher frequency (533MHz) in some benchmarks, while games yielded a lower frequency of 480MHz. In other words, Samsung would be inflating its graphics horsepower by 11.04%. The reviewers were able to […]

Snapdragon 800 Benchmarks @ Ubergizmo
As we are heading into the final two quarters of 2013 during which a new generation of mobile devices is going to be launched, and many of them will be undoubtedly powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip. We knew this was coming and Qualcomm gave us some performance hints at CES, saying that Snapdragon 800 will provide 50% higher graphics performance when compared to Snapdragon 600, which is currently used […]

Basemark X Ready To Rock The Mobile Benchmarking World
Rightware, the creator of the Browsermark web browser performance suite and Kanzi, the UX powering Audi automobiles, is getting ready to launch a cross-platform graphics/gaming benchmark called Basemark X. This is a 3D “game-like” application built on the Unity Engine 4.0 which aims at simulating the workload experienced by the hardware when running demanding games. The benchmark will work across iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8+, so when this comes […]

LG Optimus G Pro Benchmarks
I’m spending a decent amount of time using the LG Optimus G Pro before finalizing the Ubergizmo review, but I thought that I would drop a quick note about the LG Optimus G Pro benchmark numbers as some of you may be impatient to know how it performs in the real world. Overall, the results are much better than the original model that we had reviewed. The performance is now […]

Intel Medfield-powered Lava Xolo X900 looking good in benchmark tests
We’ve already conducted a benchmark test on Intel’s Medfield processor in early January this year. So far, based on the AnTuTu (system benchmark) and SunSpider (Javascript execution) tests, the  processor’s overall performance was quite good, compared to other devices including the Galaxy Nexus LTE and the Galaxy Tab 8.9.Since we’ve already tested the chip, we’ve been dying to test it working on an actual device such as the Lovo Xolo […]

Intel Medfield hands-on benchmarks: looking good!
I was curious about the Intel smartphones and tablets performance, so I ran a couple of benchmarks, including Antutu (system benchmark) and SunSpider (Javascript execution). In both instances, the Intel Medfield chip performed very well: in the Javascript test, the Intel reference design tablet steals the show and is the fastest SunSpider system to date. It scores 1128ms, which is even blowing past the Asus Transformer Prime and its Tegra […]

iPhone 4S battery not as good as iPhone 4?
Apart from Apple’s brand new iPhone 4S featuring an A5 dual-core processor, one of the features boasted by Apple regarding the iPhone 4S is its supposed longer lasting battery, which we guess can help seal the deal for some who may be worried about battery life on their smartphones. Unfortunately based on tests conducted by iLounge during their review of the phone, revealed that the supposed longer lasting battery only […]

Early iPhone 4S benchmarks
The iPhone 4S isn’t even available to the masses yet, although a massive number of pre-orders have made this smartphone a record breaker in its own right. As for the select few who somehow have managed to get hold of the iPhone 4S, they have performed benchmarks on it obviously. In the presentation, Tim Cook mentioned that the iPhone 4S will boast the iPad 2’s A5 processor, sporting up to […]