Robot helpers as well as assistants might be the future when it comes to medical care, and it makes sense, too. Have you ever tried to lift up a bedridden person from the bed to a wheelchair? It gets tricky, especially when said patient is fully paralyzed, where you will need to get your balance right, and in one fell swoop, you lift said patient off and onto the wheelchair in a swift motion. A slip could result in a fall for either one – or even worse, both, ending up with even more grievous injury, or perhaps death. The ITRI MediRobot intends to do away with such fears and possibilities, as it was specially designed to lift and transfer patients who suffer from limited mobility.


This servo-controlled MediRobot will be able to transfer a patient from bed to the bathroom, as well as show off various information such as weight and blood pressure for the caregiver’s notice. Such information are compiled thanks to sensors that are located on the sling itself. It might take some time before the ITRI MediRobot ends up as a reality for many, and what about the cost? Medical care does not come cheap these days, and it isn’t going to get any cheaper, either.

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