It is safe to say that with each iteration of the computer monitor or flat screen TV, the manufacturers will tout the images that come out of it being clearer than ever before amongst other superlatives. The same applies to LG and their new LG IPS4 monitor, which is said to deliver “stunning picture quality, lifelike color expression, original color consistency, enhanced viewing comfort”. Hopefully it will be able to live up to the expectations that have been set. The new monitors will boast In-Plane Switching (IPS) instead of the standard Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, hence leading LG to make such claims.

There is also a wide viewing-angle of 178 degrees, letting a wide range of viewers to enjoy superior image quality without experiencing any color shift whether sitting, standing or lying down. Smooth Color Change will also do away with blur that is generated from rapid motion in action scenes, sports or video games, giving your eyes less fatigue even if you sit down in front of the telly for hours on end.

Other easy-to-use functions will also be found in the IPS4 series include a Dual Smart Solution feature that relies on a simple one-click set-up which is capable of running dual monitors, where it will also result in a dual taskbar and auto-optimized dual web split screen display. There is also a cable management design which ensures your cables will no longer snake around by themselves when you are not looking, creating an impromptu Gordian Knot by the time you arrive at the office the next morning.

Not idea on pricing, but LG’s IPS4 series will hit Asia first next month before making its way to Europe and North America after that. [Press Release (PDF)]

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