When Windows Phone is mentioned, brands such as Nokia, HTC and maybe even Samsung come to mind, but what about LG? Well you can’t be blamed for not including LG, after all the company’s efforts with the LG Quantum weren’t exactly stellar nor widely publicized to begin with. It looks like if you were hoping for more variety in terms of brands for Windows Phone devices, you can now cross off LG from your list. According to a report in the Korea Herald, LG has announced that the company has no immediate plans to introduce a new Windows Phone device into the market and will instead be focusing on Android smartphones in the future.

They were also quoted as saying, “The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.” This does not mean that LG will disregard Windows Phone completely and entirely. In fact a spokesperson for the company said that LG would “continue research and development efforts” for Windows Phone although we’re not sure what would be the result of their efforts. In any case if you are in the market for a Windows Phone device, brands like Nokia, HTC, Samsung, ZTE and Acer are still names that you can look out for. It has also been reported that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is expected to hold a meeting with LG’s chief and while the details of that meeting remain unknown, perhaps Ballmer is looking to change LG’s mind.

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