If you are one of the million Star Wars fanatics who spent all your money playing the Star Wars arcade game by Atari, you’ll want to continue reading this article. If you can remember the game, it was awesome and if I could I would have it in my room. An arcade fan with the handle Le Chuck (for obvious reasons) has found a way to miniaturize the arcade cabinet and set up a working version of the game in a 1:6 scale. The cabinet which measures up at about 12 inches is fully operational and even has some gorgeous artwork on the sides.

The tools that were used for this machine were some aluminum, a pair of potentiometers, some passion, and a whole lot of love. The cabinet runs a modified Caanoo running MAME4all (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and boots straight into the game when it is turned on. The whole thing took Le Chuck 80 hours of blood, sweat and tears and is truly beautiful. If you watch the video until about 7:30, you can see all the components he used to make the handmade machine from scratch and the best part is that awesome Cantina music he’s inserted in the background. You can have Angry Birds, I want this.

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