Don’t you just love the massive advancements made in the realm of technology? The Mobile Lorm Glove is one of them, where they will help the deaf and blind communicate with other people via mobile technology. Why is it called the Lorm Glove? Well, it relies on “Lorm,” a tactile signing language which is used by people who have sight and hearing impairments. At the bottom side of the glove lies pressure sensors which will translate “Lorm” into visual or audible forms of communication, such as text messages or speech for example – over a mobile phone. Catch a video of the Mobile Lorm Glove in action after the jump.


The glove itself will also allow its wearer to receive text messages thanks to tactile feedback patterns. A bunch of vibration motors have also been thrown into the mix on the back which will translate messages into vibrations, and hence, you might “read” a book in an entirely new way by “feeling” your way through a whole audiobook. The Mobile Lorm Glove is the brainchild of Tom Bieling, Ulrike Gollner and Gesche Joost, and it is still in its early stages, with the next phase targeting direct speech input and output.

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