Audio files come in many different formats, but it looks like Canadian musician, Neil Young, is looking to shake things up a bit with audio formats of his own. This was revealed by Rolling Stone who discovered a series of trademarks filed by Young for potential names of a new audio format that the musician is creating. Given that Young is one of the legendary musicians of our time, it’s really no surprise that these audio formats sounds like they could be names of albums or song titles.

These titles include: 21st Century Record Player, Earth Storage, Thanks for Listening, Ivanhoe, Storage Shed, and SQS (Studio Quality Sound), with its description reading as “Online and retail store services featuring music and artistic performances, high resolution music downloadable from the internet, high resolutions discs featuring music and video, and pre-recorded digital media featuring audio and video recordings for storage and playback.”

Unfortunately while Young might seem reluctant to talk about his upcoming project, details of it might have indadvertedly slipped. Dubbed “Pono”, Young’s upcoming project would be to create a new digital audio format that will provide the highest resolution possible, aiming to recreate the studio quality sound that both artists and producers heard during the course of recording. Will Young’s future audio format prevail in an industry with plenty of formats to choose from (i.e. MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc)? We guess we will have to wait and find out.

[Image credit – CNET]

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