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Best MP3 Tag Editors
With the advent of the internet, it has become very easy to download/purchase/rip your favorite songs in MP3 now and then. However, poor tagging can lead to discrepancies between organization and playback. If you want your entire music collection to look professional with full cover arts and metadata, then you need to use simple tag editing tools to clean out your collection. Here are the six best MP3 Tag Editors […]

Top 5 MP3 Download Sites (Legal)
If you who respect the artists’ work, but also want to listen to music for free, then don’t worry, there are many free legal sources.There are many websites that will let you download (legal) music for free. Most of these websites feature music for promotion purposes, old music and/or music uploaded by Artist himself for that purpose. Of course, you may not find tracks from latest top charts or top […]

How To Convert FLAC to MP3
Flac is a lossless audio compression format as opposed to mp3 which offers “lossy” compression.  It offers high quality audio, but it is not one of the most commonly supported audio format, unlike the mp3 format. There are still many devices that just don’t support flac files. If you have such a device, you will need to use a more universal format such as mp3.In this tutorial, we are going […]

Amazon Fire TV Supports Amazon MP3
It looks as though Amazon is working to deliver new features to its smart TV box known as the Amazon Fire TV. For instance, users are now able to make use of the Amazon Fire TV in order to stream music directly to your TV, now how about that? This particular feature enables users to gain access to just about any MP3 songs or albums that have been purchased prior […]


How To Convert YouTube To MP3
YouTube is nearly ten years old, and over this decade, it has evolved, a lot. The vast majority of popular artists first share their new creations on the video platform through their network’s account – this was unthinkable not so long ago.  There is also a wealth of home-grown bands and other artists who share their music freely on the service. Some of them are ad-supported, some don’t use advertisement […]

Digital Music Sales Experiences A Drop For The First Time
The format of music has been evolving over the years, from wax cylinders back in the day, to the CD format, and now the digital format, but could the digital format be peaking? Well according to a report from Billboard, it would seem as though digital music sales have seen a slight dip in 2013, which is a pretty big deal considering that this is the first time that digital […]

US court to rule on digital content resales in ReDigi vs EMI case, could set a legal precedent
Complicated legal systems and copyright laws put aside, on a basic level it makes sense to think that if you were to purchase an item, it would be yours to do as you see fit which includes reselling it, right? That’s pretty much how websites such as eBay and Craigslist work where people put up second hand (and brand new) items for sale. However when it comes to digital goods, […]

Digital music sales surpass CDs at long last in Britain
Life is all about firsts, isn’t it? The first son, the first daughter, the first kiss, the first car, the first wife…all right, let’s not go there, but you get the picture. Digital music sales, for all intents and purposes, has been lagging behind CD sales all this time – until 2012, that is. For the first time in history, digital music sales have finally overtaken revenues from CDs as […]

Play-A-Grill transforms bling into an MP3 player
Moving on with the times, the word ‘grill’ no longer means a piece of equipment that you use to cook meat in a certain way, and neither does it signify a verb. In fact, ‘grills’ these days can be referred to what rappers wear on their teeth – which is basically a gold or platinum piece of jewellery. I suppose it has something to do with the kind of wealth […]

Musician Neil Young interested in creating a music format of his own
Audio files come in many different formats, but it looks like Canadian musician, Neil Young, is looking to shake things up a bit with audio formats of his own. This was revealed by Rolling Stone who discovered a series of trademarks filed by Young for potential names of a new audio format that the musician is creating. Given that Young is one of the legendary musicians of our time, it’s […]

Google music store could be launching in the next two weeks
Previously we had reported on a piece of news that suggested that Google was working on an music store of their own. This was later confirmed by Andy Rubin himself several days later, where he suggested that this won’t be just any ordinary music store, but there will be a unique “twist” to the entire affair. As to its availability, all he had to say was that it was coming […]

Google working on an MP3 store
Google might want to further expand their cloud music service that currently sports some rather limited capabilities, where the Internet search giant is negotiating with major record labels in order to expand that service, in addition to opening an MP3 store which will possibly compete with Apple and Amazon – although the success of it might have results that aren’t exactly going to increase the bottom line of Google’s revenues.

Kung Fu Panda and gang makes music
I have yet to meet a person who found Kung Fu Panda to be a turn off, so it either is one universally appealing cartoon character, or I do not know enough people – I suspect it is the latter, but I digress. If you happen to be a fan of Kung Fu Panda, then you would definitely be pleased to hear (pun not intended as you can soon tell) […]

Bose Chihuahua is an ultraportable MP3 speaker dock?
Bose and Apple seem to go hand in hand, with Apple retail stores and its online store displaying many of Bose’s products that range from earphones to headphones and computer speakers. As harmonious as their relationship may seem, it looks like Bose may have plans to take on Apple’s AirPlay and Sonos in terms of wireless streaming of music to speakers.

Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip
Sandisk is introducing the Sansa Clip Zip, an uber-small “sub $50” MP3 player that has 4GB ($49.99) or 8GB ($69.99), which can be further extended with a microSD card (32GB). When fully loaded on the storage side, it can contain 8000 songs, which is *a lot*, especially if you paid for all these MP3s ;)The Sansa Clip Zip has a 1.1″ color screen that powers the user interface. This is […]

Wal-Mart to stop selling MP3s this month
Bad news for folks who purchase their MP3s from Wal-Mart. The world’s largest retailer chain will stop its MP3 business by the end of this month, August 29th. The company didn’t give a reason for ending the sales of MP3s other than saying it was a “business decision.” Wal-Mart’s MP3 business began back in 2003 when the company decided to compete against Apple’s iTunes. Since then the number of competitors […]

ION WATER ROCKER lets you bring your music to the pool
There are so many external speaker solutions available on the market at the moment to let you blast pump up the volume of your iPod when you’re listening to music, but how many of them actually let you listen to music while you’re chilling out in a swimming pool? The WATER ROCKER from ION lets you do just that. It is made up of two components – a transmitter and […]

Philips unveils the GoGear Muse 3 portable media player
The thing about portable media players is that they tend to rely on the use of headphones/earphones, which is great when used in loud and noisy environments, but it could potentially damage your hearing, especially if you’re the type that likes to listen to their music super loud.

Incase Flex Wristband Turns Your iPod Nano Into A Watch
We’re not sure when Apple designed the iPod Nano 6G, if they had the intention of making it look like it could be a watch. Even if they did not, this happy accident has caused quite a number of watch docks for the iPod Nano 6G to start popping up in the market today, and Incase’s Flex Wristband is no exception.

Kanex's AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver Makes Most Speakers Bluetooth Capable
So you have a really nice set of speakers in your living room, and you want to hook your MP3 player up to it, but the trouble of having to stand up, walk to the speakers and select songs is just not a process you relish, and you wish your speakers had Bluetooth so you could synch your Bluetooth capable device with it, i.e. the iPhone. Well fret not because […]