Britain’s advertising regulator is currently mulling over whether they should launch an inquiry into Apple Inc’s marketing, where it concerns the most recent iPad model, as there is a bunch of customers who claim that the ad featured misleading claims concerning access to 4G connectivity. After all, there are no 4G networks available in the country just yet. A spokesman for the Advertising Standards Authority mentioned, “We have received 24 complaints about claims on Apple’s website about 4G on the iPad. We are assessing whether there are grounds for investigation.” If an investigation is launched, this would mean the UK would be the second place where legal action is taken against Apple’s advertising, since a similar issue was raised in Australia, and Apple was eventually forced to offer refunds to all buyers of the new iPad there if they wanted to turn in their tablet.

This should be a lesson to whoever wants to advertise their wares – one must be extremely careful in touting the ability and capabilities of your product, lest someone claims that it is false advertising. Just what is the outcome that you think will happen with Apple in this case?

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