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After issues relating to connectivity and the alleged overheating of the new iPad it seems that a new problem with the much praised Retina Display has surfaced. Reports indicate that it includes yellow, blue and pink tinting, dead pixels, dust, backlight bleeding and blotches. The forum thread that was only started this morning is said to be growing quickly into a long list of complaints from owners of the new iPad who are unhappy about the “resolutionary” display issues.

The starter of the thread who is on his 13th iPad said, “Ok, I’m on my 13th iPad. In fairness, one of those was because I decided I wanted a different color, and another one I decided I wanted to upgrade to one with 4G. 3 were returned right away in the store (scratches, dark blotches behind the screen). A couple were super yellow, one had over a dozen dead pixels, and one even had the bottom half of the screen turn baby blue!”

That post triggered a number of replies that came from users of the device that were upset and had decided to give up on the third-generation iPad for the time being, while the thread which tells the story of the yellowish hue has racked up 43,000 views and 410 replies. While the latest trend of complaints about the new iPad are about the screen, Apple does have a money back refund or will even change it to a newer one as an option for customers who are not happy.

Besides that, the retina display can be categorized as new technology and like all the other technology which is at its beginning; it will definitely have its teething problems. If you are one of  those who purchased the new iPad and it is showing similar problems to those listed here, you can head on over to an Apple Store and hand it over the Genius behind the counter for either a replacement of a refund, but before you do that, please leave a comment below so we know exactly what is happening.

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