Laptop owners can probably sympathize with the fact that on occasion their devices will start getting hot. This can be solved by introducing a cooling fan base but unfortunately not all laptops were built equal. Some laptops have their hot spots in places where the fans might not be so effective, and if this describes your situation, you might want to take a look at NZXT’s Cryo E40 laptop cooler. The cooler will support laptops up to 15” in size and features two 80mm moveable fans that are hooked onto the base via low-powered magnetic clasps.

This will allow laptop owners to move the fans to where the hot spots are, and don’t worry, it seems that these magnets are too low powered to do any actual damage to your computer. NZXT’s Cryo E40 is expected to be made available in May for $27.99. Head on over to NZXT’s website for the technical specifications and additional images.

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