nzxt customDepending on who you talk to, the look and design of a PC case may or may not be important. Some out there prefer their PCs to feature crazy LED lights shining out from every crevice; some prefer a minimal and cleaner look; some just don’t care, since it’s the innards of the PC that really matters (airflow, cooling, tool-less designs not withstanding).

That being said if you’re the type that cares about what your PC case looks like, California-based PC parts manufacturer, NZXT, has announced a month-long contest called the “Phantom 240 Design Competition”. This contest will basically task anyone to design a case for the company, and by design we’re talking more about the color scheme rather than the actual shape.

For those interested in participating, all they’d have to do is head on over to NZXT’s website and use the online case creator to give the Phantom 240 a custom paint job. As it stands there are five different components of the Phantom 240 that can be custom-colored, and with 7 colors to choose from, that’s a lot of possibilities!

Each participant is allowed to submit three designs from which they will be voted on. There will be three lucky winners which will see them walk away with a NZXT Super Bundle. This bundle includes a laser-etched P240 sample of their contest design entry, a Sentry 3 fan controller, a HALE82 v2 700W power supply unit, a Kraken CPU cooler, and a NZXT Shine 3 mechanical keyboard, all of which has been valued at $450 in the market.

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