onion browser

To all of you who cannot stand the fact about your online activity being traceable by other people or organizations, there is now an application that can help you with that. The Onion Browser is a Universal iOS web browser which connects to the Tor network and provides you with the ability to browse anonymously no matter where you are. Tor is what they are calling The Onion Router is a mix of software and a team of volunteers who ease your network through the router after you install the software. By doing this, they ensure that your connections makes many turns before arriving at a destination and this effectively makes it harder to trace.

The Onion browser will tunnel your connection through the Tor network while hiding your IP address and encrypting all the data before it leaves your iPhone or iPad. The developer behind the app, Mike Tigas has announced that the source code for those want it is available on his website as well as GitHub and if you purchase the $0.99 app he will provide 10% of it to Tor and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Tigas states that the Onion Browser isn’t the only app of its kind but he has set out to make something more stable and add features like cookie support. So if you are looking to download this for whatever reasons you might have, innocent or otherwise, just click on this link to visit the iTunes App Store.

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