If you enjoy collecting old video games, especially those still sealed in their boxes, then this eBay auction might be worth checking out although you might want to make sure you have at least $17,500 in your bank account first. It seems that an eBay user is auctioning off a sealed Mario Bros. game, which for those unfamiliar, should not be confused with the just as popular Super Mario Bros. game. However those who have played Super Mario Advance will probably recognize Mario Bros. as being one of the minigames that they can play. Anyway, you’re welcome to make an offer (so far there have been about four offers made), but if you’d rather not find yourself stuck in a bidding war, you will be able to purchase the game outright for $17,500. We’re not sure how many people out there would be willing to pay for it, but given its status as one of the classics, we wouldn’t be surprised if someone were to snap it up. Head on over to its eBay page for more info.

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