Panasonic has announced its new advanced radar technology for next-generation traffic safety systems. The said new millimeter-wave radar technology can detect humans, vehicles and other outdoor objects that are several tens of meters in range. What’s more is that it can also detect objects even in the poorest of visibility conditions, especially during night time, or when there is rain and snow, and even in direct sunlight exposure.


Panasonic has applied this technology into traffic surveillance sensors along the streets and was able to successfully detect people, vehicles, and other objects hidden in the shadows. Panasonic’s new radar technology can detect objects that are up to 40 meters ahead, even during bad weather conditions and during night time.

As you know, the human body reflects radar signals that are significantly weaker when compared to a car. Panasonic’s radar, on the other hand, has surpassed the limits of a typical millimeter-wave radar with its own advanced technology that has a high detection performance with a range resolution of less than 50cm and an angular resolution of 5 degrees.

Finally, contrary to optical cameras, infrared cameras and laser sensors, Panasonic’s own advanced radar technology will not be affected by visibility factors. Hence, it can still operate and perform well under extreme weather conditions. Panasonic will demonstrate the said technology at the Vehicular Technology Conference in Japan this coming May.

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