raspberry pi

After several delays, the Raspberry Pi PC is finally expected to ship imminently. According to reports, some customers have already started receiving alert notifications via their e-mail telling that the shipment of the long awaited device is just around the corner. At the same time, there are apparently a group of customers that are complaining about issues in processing for their e-mailed voucher codes. This problem stemmed from the sheer volume of customers looking to receive or order the Raspberry Pi device. While the customers flocked to the website in droves to complete their order, they unfortunately crashed it (not for the first time).

However, the folks over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation have said that the e-mailed voucher codes are being distributed in the order in which they were received and that consequentially is staggering customer arrival on the order RS Components website. To add on to the problems, some people are accessing the site without an emailed voucher code and in doing so are causing even more congestion. The $35 model B version which is out of its pre-order stock is set to arrive at customers doorsteps over the coming week or some and with the $25 dollar model A, a little later since the device that lacks 2 USB ports as well as Ethernet connectivity is not yet in production.

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