Blizzard has taken its highly successful Warcraft franchise and turned it into an MMO dubbed the World of Warcraft, so given the success of Runic Games’ Torchlight, would a possible MMO be in the works? Unfortunately no, there is no Torchlight MMO in the works but that’s not to say that the company is not interested in exploring that option. According to Runic Games’ CEO, Max Schaefer, the company has toyed around with the idea of turning Torchlight into an MMO. Unfortunately the CEO went on to reveal that an idea was pretty much the extent of their MMO plans. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Schaefer was quoted as saying:


“We have great Torchlight MMO ideas […] We’re not saying we’re gonna do it next because we don’t want to be locked into something and disappoint people if it turns out we get to the end of this and really what we should be doing is an expansion or another platform. We want to have that flexibility. We’re a small company. We’re 30 people, and we can only really do one thing at a time. So we want to have the flexibility to pick what we want to make, that our fans are asking for, and make the decision based on that.

And the reason I’m making so many caveats about this is an MMO is a hell of a commitment. It means we’re gonna be doing that for a few years at least prior to release and then committing years of support for it afterward. So it’s a decision we take very, very seriously.”

Fair enough. The last thing we’d want is for a company to put out a great MMO but end up failing to support it properly over the years. So what do you guys think? Would a Torchlight MMO be of great interest to you?

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